Work to Weekend + A Funny Story



This past weekend while family was in town visiting, we got on the subject of our college days and about how much we hustled, haha. When I first met Sid, he already owned a home close to our college campus that he used as a rental home. I thought this was sooo interesting and amazing and after we were married, we saved & saved and worked our butts off until we were able to buy our second rental property. Well, our first rental property didn’t have a sprinkler system installed, and we were moving to Alaska for the summer for a summer sales job for Sid, so we had to have one installed. Being the handy man + saver that my husband is, he said that we would install it ourselves (my husband is super handy and actually remodeled most of our home-see that post here). My husband, his friend, my father-in-law, and I went to the house one Saturday morning and got to work. At first I was so not into it. I had never done that type of physical labor before and honestly, I wasn’t too happy about it. After a while, the guys started to get tired and we ran into some problems getting the sprinklers to connect at a certain point. I decided to try and help since I had smaller hands and was able to get them all connected underground. I was so pumped and excited that I was actually able to help, that I volunteered to keep shoveling while everyone took turns taking a rest. I was really getting into it and after a few hours of shoveling and working hard, the worst thing ever happened… I pulled back the shovel so fast and so hard right into my face. It was the most painful, embarrassing, and hilarious thing that ever happened to me! Sid always likes to brag that I am not afraid to get my hands dirty, work hard, or lay down a sprinkler system, lol. There’s something so amazing and humbling about looking back at those times where the struggle really was SO real, haha!

Speaking of work, let’s get to business…Today we are talking clothes to wear from work to weekend with Nordstrom , for the men in our lives! Sid typically wears business casual everyday to work, so that is mostly what we buy when shopping for him. I typically love to find transitional pieces that can not only be worn for work, but also for dinner, or even more casual Friday meetings. I loveee him in a nice pair of jeans paired with a blazer! I think it is such a handsome and put together look. We found these classic jeans at Nordstrom a few months back and I especially love when Sid wears them paired with these shoes. I was recently at Nordstrom browsing the men’s shoe department and fell in love with these for him. Sid says that they are SO comfortable and he loves the look! The rubber sole makes any dressy outfit a little more casual, and I can truly appreciate that for the various occasions he can wear them to. OH, and he wore these this past weekend to our date night at Sur La Table and I have to admit, I had one hottt date 😉

*This post is in collaboration with Nordstrom. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own!

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  1. Oh my goodness. I cannot imagine you installing a sprinkler system!!!! But you’re right, handy-iest husband ever! Sasha complains if I ask him to hang a picture frame! Ha.

    Love y’alls outfits! xo

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