White Lace

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You know those items that you see and immediately fall in LOVE with? Well, that totally happened to me when I saw this dress. It’s so feminine and beautiful and I can’t get enough of the white lace! I love that it is a bright white color and I feel that it’s extremely romantic, yet simple and classic. I think this dress is perfect for spring and summer and for all of the important events coming up (weddings, showers, Easter, Mother’s Day, etc.). I also threw on a pair of my fav flip flops and my brown tote to show how you can totally dress this dress down for a more casual look! Oh and one more tip: I wore a white slip under the dress to add a little extra length under the lace layer to help me feel more comfortable and covered. Just a preference for me 🙂 You will definitely see me wearing this dress a LOT because I am seriously obsessed. I could go on and on about how much I love it, but I don’t wanna waste time, as it already sold out at Nordstrom and is selling out quick at the other department stores I linked above, so HURRY and grab it before it’s too late! Ohh..and if you’re like me and need several much needed gorgeous dresses that are perfect for all of those special dates we all have coming up, no worries because I found this (comes in a fab array of colors and is under $100!) , this (also under $100 and so pretty and romantic for that much sought after lace style) , this and this (I can not resist it) , and this (you wont believe that it is under $50 in some fab colors!) that are ALL also purrrrfect for dressing up and dressing down!!

Today I’m wishing I had a special event of any sort to wear this dress again, BUT sadly, Truman and I are busy cleaning up the house & cleaning out his closet, sooo comfies it is for us all day! Oh the glamorous life of a mama, right?! He grows SO quickly so this is a monthly thing at our house lately. Sid’s parents are coming to town tonight and we can’t wait to spend some time with them, work on the house some (currently pinning the perfect navy paint color for our guest bathroom!!), aaaand hopefully Sid & I can sneak away for a much needed date! I hope you are all having a wonderful week! Xo

 Ailee_Petrovic_160301_L86A3860 copy Ailee_Petrovic_160301_L86A3892 copy Ailee_Petrovic_160301_L86A3905 copy Ailee_Petrovic_160301_L86A3881 copy Ailee_Petrovic_160301_L86A3899 copy Ailee_Petrovic_160301_L86A3843 copy Ailee_Petrovic_160301_L86A3824 copy
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  1. LOVE!! This is such an amazing look! What type of slip would you recommend for this dress? Where do you buy your favorite slips?


    1. Thank you!! I actually linked the slip in the post as well- target usually has some great options! 🙂

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