What’s In My Hopsital Bag?!


Hi loves! I have gotten so many emails and questions about what I am packing in my hospital bag, so we quickly shot what I plan on bringing! As a second time mom, I am much more aware of what I need and don’t need. I absolutely hate to overpack and feel like I have too much “stuff” with me, so I really tried to stick to the basics and essentials. The hospital provides most of the things you need, so definitely take advantage of that! For clothing, I am bringing two sets of button up pj’s (here & here). I love button up pj’s for easy access while nursing. I am also bringing this gorgeous robe from Pink Blush Maternity, this nursing tank, this nursing bra, slippers, underwear, and my belly bandit! I also just grabbed a pair of cheap flip flops from Target for showering! I am packing a loose dress and sneakers to wear home, too.

When It comes to toiletries, I wanted to keep it suuuper simple, but there are some items that I just can’t live without! I really don’t plan on washing my hair until I get home from the hospital, but brought shampoo + conditioner juuuust in case. I am however bringing this dry shampoo (can’t live without it!!) to freshen up. I am of course bringing my TULA travel sized cleanser, serum, & day + night cream ( you can use the code “destinywinter20” for 20% off and free shipping!). I also love adding this oil for some extra hydration (the hospital made my skin feel SO dry last time). I forgot to add my deodorant to these photos but I can’t live without this one! I linked some of the other items pictured below as well!

& now onto what I am MOST excited about! I am bringing a few different little outfit/blanket combos! The two pictured are from Lou Lou & Company and one that is not pictured (we will share once she’s born because it has her name on it 😉 ) is from Hanley Crest. I am packing this top & bottom set and this little one-piece sleeper! I also HAD to include this gorgeous metallic swaddle from Aden + Anais (they were my favorite with Tru so I had to stock up on girly ones this time, too!) I am also including this nursing cover from Milk Snob to cover her carseat with and three different options for binkies ha! Truman was definitely a binky baby and I want to make sure to find one that she will love, too.

I really can NOT believe how soon our sweet girl will be here! I am so excited to finally be packed up and ready for her! My husband’s items are also packed in the same bag. We will throw in our last minute items like chargers, camera, etc. when it’s go time. We have a small baggie of snacks like protein bars and beef jerky, too. I will also include the make-up items I plan on bringing ( I will just bring the basics like CC cream, concealer, bronzer, mascara (I use this primer first), and a lipstick) below! Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks for reading, babes & I hope this is helpful for any of you soon-to-be mamas! XO

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