Vegas Skies


One of my most favorite places to visit is home to see my family. I’m lucky enough to be able to see them very often and we constantly use ANY excuse to make it happen! Each time is just as special as the last and I love each memory we make. My parents are seriously SO amazing and supportive and are an incredibly fun pair who go out of their way to make sure we have a blast together. They make each one of their kids feel so special and loved. I’ve always admired them for that and hope to be able to do the same for my Truman and my future babies! My siblings and I are each other’s biggest supporters and that is because this is exactly the way our parents raised us to be. Not ever are we jealous of each others successes as we always want the VERY best for one another!  This time we celebrated the high school graduation of my sister Cassidy and my baby sister Macaily’s patriarchal blessing. They are such special girls and I am so proud of them both! It was indeed one of the best times together and many special moments were shared as well as countless laughs and tears of joy!

Every time I visit home, I leave recharged and inspired. My family ALWAYS supports me in all that I do and always pushes me to go after each one of my dreams. This time was no different!

I still cry every time I leave home- it’s even worse now, because my heart aches knowing my family will have to miss out on some of the special  moments Sid and I will experience with Truman. I have to remember how great we really do have it and how much Truman already knows and loves his papa and nana! We are super excited to have them come visit us in a couple of weeks in our new home city, Houston! Have I mentioned how much we love it in Texas?! Sid and I feel so at home there- but honestly, I feel so at home wherever he is. He is amazing and I thank my lucky stars every day that I get to be married to him. I can’t WAIT to get back home to him! We’ve only be away from each other for a week and it’s too much to handle haha! I’m excited to get back to our home and our routine. PLUS my little mr. handsome has a special day coming up, so I am in Operation Party Plan!

Woot, woot!! Xoxo


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