Truman’s Big Boy Room + 3 Year Old Update!

Today I am sharing a peek into our home & a space we haven’t shared yet.. Truman’s room! When we first moved into this home I knew I wanted to keep Truman’s room clean, simple, but FUN! I of course let him choose what type of room he wanted & I’m sure it’s no surprise to any of you who follow me, but he chose a “dino room”, haha! So that is exactly what we went with. We have been in this home for a couple of years now and his room has actually been done for quite some time so there are items that aren’t available anymore, but I tried my best to find links to most things! (PS we keep almost all of the toys in the playroom!)

Now let’s chat about one of my favorite people in the whole world.. TRUMAN! How can I even put into words how amazing this boy is? He is smart, witty, athletic, SWEET, loving, hilarious, and so much more. He loves dinosaurs, Ninja Turtles, sharks, friends, swimming, & family. And when I say he is smart, I am not exaggerating one bit! Literally, he knows every type of dinosaur and whether they are carnivores or herbivores. He knows every type of shark by name, and of course, every single Ninja Turtle by name, as well. He teaches ME something every day. He LOVES to learn. He literally asks me everyday to “work on his states” or “work on his letters”. He is SO smart and sometimes I am just in awe of how quickly he picks up on things. Tru loves SO BIG. He is mama’s boy, daddy’s best friend, and the best, doting big brother to Tatum. He is soooo hilarious. He comes up with the funniest jokes (it astounds us he’s only 3!!) and loves to make people laugh and have a good time. We joke that we want Truman’s life (but really, though!). Every day I strive to make sure he has a good day and he really does live just the happiest, go lucky life. We say that we are living in Tru’s world and we’re just here for the ride! He is a major homebody and most days would love to stay home in his pjs (particularly his Halloween, Christmas, or Ninja Turtle ones). Although yes, I love fashion and dressing up my kids, I let him do his thing most days and I just adore seeing what he mixes and matches and feels comfortable in! Truman could play and play all day & prefers to let me know that he’s still “too little” to clean up his toys lol. He is our best friend and our pride & joy! He makes life the absolute sweetest and most fun and we’re so thankful he’s ours!



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