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Hey friends! As you may have noticed from my insta stories, I’ve got one smart toddler on my hands. Tru is a talker and a learner and this summer I really felt the need to step up our at home activities to help him keep busy! Truman is a sponge and picks up on things really fast. He loves to learn and be taught and it’s been so fun to learn what works for him. We ordered a few things from Amazon (linked above) and I’m always picking up learning activities from Target to keep things interesting for him. One thing he has fallen in love with is this map. He LOVES to learn about the states and where his family lives. If you live away from grandparents or aunts and uncles, I promise your kiddos will love this! We also love it because its wipeable. We have it out at most meals or snacks and it won’t get ruined by spilled food or drinks! We also found these wipeable books (here) that are super fun for learning and you don’t feel like you’re going through a million coloring books in a day 😉 A lot of you mamas have reached out to ask how I get him to learn things or want to practice, and honestly I just keep things simple. We are consistent and incorporate things daily that he is interested in or loves to learn about! We also always try to make it fun for him and carefree. Anyways, I just wanted to share some of the activities and items we love. What are some things your toddler loves? I would love to hear! Us mamas need to share allll the goods with one another, so don’t be afraid to share!


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  1. Look up educational insights on amazon! They hAve some Great learning toys. We love their play foam, games, drilling toys, globe, walkie talkies, telescope, microscope, and binoculars! We also love water beads and mAgnetic blocks from amazon. Magic sand from brookstone is also awesome! And if YOU’VE never hEard of usborne books, you should check them out. We get tons Of book from there and they are super educational. Loved your post!