Things I Want To Remember


Things I’ll never forget:

  1. My mornings with my sweet babies. Truman joins me & Tatum for a few extra minutes of cuddles and he just chats and chats and caresses his sisters head (and then demands cereal, waffles, or “peamut butter toast”). He really does love her!
  2. The way Tatum just nuzzles my neck while being burped after she’s eaten. She has the sweetest, softest little breaths and her body completely relaxes. I know she feels so safe and loved.
  3. How ready I am for daddy to come home from work each day. I absolutely love my days with my babies, but I definitely don’t mind the help when he comes home – there’s only so many hours of the day I can play ninjas and dinos, haha! 😉
  4. When Tate is in her Mamaroo while I’m busy picking up the house or cooking & she starts fussing a bit- Truman will run riiiight over and give her her binky & say, “it’s otayyy babyyy”. Melts my heart.
  5. The way Tatum just stares at me when I talk! She just lovessss when I talk to her and she’s starting to coo and smile.. it’s the cutest!
  6.  Watching General Conference with my little family. I always dreamed about what it would be like to watch with my own family.. crazy that this time in my life is finally here! It was just the best. Nothing better than cuddling babies in pj’s allll day + hearing spiritually uplifting and filling messages.

Lately I’ve been trying my best to drop everything + be present for my little family above and beyond anything else. I want to enjoy every second with them. The days go by way too quickly, and though some days are hard, I find myself wishing time would just slowwww down. My sweet babies, you are my everything. I love you with my whole heart! I wish we could stay in this perfect moment forever.

PS Ya’ll know I had to take full advantage of Bluebonnet season here in Texas! They are just gorgeous and Tru LOVED running around in them. While we were at the field taking photos my friend, Ailee, told me it is against the law to pick bluebonnets & I totally believed it. My husband always makes jokes about how gullible I am, haha! Happy Sunday, friends! xoxo

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