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It’s Christmas week, so naturally I had to share a fun, cozy holiday look with you! Dresses have been a common go-to this pregnancy. And that is because they usually always fit (ha!) & they are so great and easy to dress up or down. This one is the most gorgeous shade of green and is < $50!! STEAL! As much as I loooove dresses and shoes, this post is all about the accessories! Specifically from Nordstrom, because they are the the first place I head to purchase my accessories because of their amazing selection and great prices! Along with this post from last week, I want to share another  budget friendly purse (I have been buying sooo many fun purses lately!). I saw this purse (UNDER $30!) at Nordstrom and immediately thought it was the CUTEST for the holidays/winter season! My mom was actually with me and had the idea to add this cute brooch we found in store to the bag to add a little glam. She has always been big on making an item better with an added accessory and I definitely LOVED how it brought the entire look together! The exact brooch I purchased isn’t available online anymore, but this one and this one would also look super cute! And you seriously can’t beat the price! I love this purse and especially the touch of personalization + sparkle the pretty pin adds.

Another thing I really love is a pretty earring. I usually keep my accessories pretty simple, but love when I find a gorgeous earring that is unique! This double pearl earring is one of my new favorites from Nordstrom. I absolutely love to wear them as a pretty statement piece, especially with a slick pony (so chic!) Accessories seriously can set the tone for an outfit, like I did in this post. To dress up my simple turtleneck dress, I simply (and affordably) added this furry bagheeled bootie, & pearl earring. If I wanted to make the look more casual, I would add this handbag + maybe an OTK boot-so cute and simple!

We just landed in Vegas yesterday and I brought all of these amazing pieces to mix and match this week! Don’t be afraid to step outside the box & add some fun handbags and accessories to your outfits- especially this week! The holidays are alll about sparkles, textures, glam, etc! What’s your favorite way to accessorize an outfit? I would LOVE to know! Now, I’m off to enjoy being ‘HOME’ for the holidays! Peace and love, friends! XO


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*Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!

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