Tatum Olivia ~ 3 Months Old


Our sweet Tatum is 3 months old (as of Sunday!) I really can not believe she’s been with us for just three months.. yet what was life before her? I couldn’t imagine life without her. I LOVE this stage so so much. Her sweetness and awareness is vivid and I can see so much of her personality. She is the most tender spirit, just melts our hearts daily! In just three short months, we already have what seems like a lifetime of memories with her. I love this angel girl! I can honestly say that I know her perfectly. I know just what she needs, when she needs it, I know every little roll on her body, I know every perfect feature of her face.. I could go on and on, but it’s safe to say: I am completely in love with her!

Tatum has kept her dark brown hair, thus far, has the prettiest tan skin (I’m extremely jealous!), the biggest, most perfect hazel eyes (just like her Aunt Cakes’ color and has my almond eye shape!), aaand she has the yummiest rolls! She is filling out quite nicely, but is still just a petite little thing. She is truly such a perfect baby. She only cries when she’s hungry, needs a diaper change, or wants to play! I feel so blessed at how sweet and easy she has been. Her sweet calm nature has been a complete blessing and allows me to still spend good, quality time with Truman, as well!

A lot of ya’ll asked about Tatum’s night time schedule, so I thought I would share that! We bathe both babies around 6:30/7 (thisΒ is the bath we use for Tate). After, we lotion them up, brush Tru’s teeth, brush their hair, put on jammies, feed Tate her last bottle around 7:45/8 (we love these & these bottles), sing songs/ read books, say prayers, and put them to bed! Tatum is already a creature of habit. She loves to be put in her bassinet (thisΒ is the one we use) and goes right to sleep every night. She is sleeping through the night and has been since she was about 6 weeks old. I’ve gotten questions on how we did this (we did the same thing with Tru and it worked for us both times!). Instead of feeding her when she would wake at night, we would first offer her the binky. Most times she would just fall right back to sleep. Now she doesn’t even wake for the binky and is sleeping so, so good. It’s a dream!! This week we plan on introducing her to naps in the crib. Praying that goes well, too! Β A lot of you were wondering about schedules during traveling, and we really try to keep it the same as when we’re at home, for the most part. We always ask for a crib in the hotel rooms, (we have one at the grandparents homes) and that’s what she slept in this last time in Cancun. I was nervous she may not sleep as well, but she gave us no problem at all! We also always make sure to bring her swaddles from home so that she’s nice and comfy.

She hates tummy time, but loves playing on herΒ play mat. She also loves to try and sit up and lift her head. She’s getting so strong! She is starting to giggle and we melt every time (we have to work hard to get those giggles out, haha!)

I have loved these last few months, and although most days are so crazy, I wouldn’t trade those crazy days with my two babies for the world! Tatum Olivia, you are my world. You are SOOOO loved, baby girl!

PS I just have to say that I adore all of you mamas who I have connected with via instagram & snapchat! How amazing is it that we are able to get to know & support fellow mamas through social media and literally feel as if we truly know one another?! I have honestly made so many friends and connected with so many wonderful people who inspire me. I just love all of you sweet ladies who have reached out, answered questions, and have just been there- means the world! XOXO




Tate & her bff, Emi!

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  1. My son Hudson was born just days after Tatum on the 15th so I have loved following you with Tatum! πŸ™‚ Thanks for schedule information on the babes!

  2. Quick question since your little peanut is always rocking them- are the freshly picked “first collection” aka size 0 worthwhile? Or should I go straight to size 1? Thanks! She’s the sweetest!

    1. I think the size 0 are totally worth it! I love having shoes on my kids early on, and the size 0 really do fit for awhile. Tatum is three months and is still wearing them! πŸ™‚

      1. She is beautiful! You have a precious family! How was she switching to formula? I’m a first time mom and I want to breast feed for a short time when she’s first born, but I keep hearing mixed things about switching from nursing to formula.

        1. Thank you so much! We are pretty obsessed with our babies πŸ™‚ She did totally fine- I exclusively nursed Truman for 10 months, so he never really had formula. But I got pretty sick right after Tatum was born, so she has been mostly formula fed. I wish I had more tips!! Congrats on your sweet baby, love!

        2. Thank you so much! We are pretty obsessed with our babies πŸ™‚ She did totally fine- I exclusively nursed Truman for 10 months, so he never really had formula. But I got pretty sick right after Tatum was born, so she has been mostly formula fed. I wish I had more tips!! Congrats on your sweet baby,love!

  3. quick question at what age did you start opting to try her with the binky first at night or was this right away? thanks

    1. Hi Rhi! We started at about 5 weeks. If she continued to wake up, we would just feed her. But it took just a few days before she was sleeping through the night πŸ™‚

  4. Thank you so much for sharing the binky/sleeping trick. First time soon to be mom, here, and so excited (and hopeful!) to try this when the time comes!

  5. My baby was born on the 14th February! I love your night time routine.. ours is similar at the beginning but that’s where it ends. Amber has to fall asleep on me..we can’t get her to settle herself in her crib yet!! Any tips?? I really need to get some time back so I can visit the gym/me time! All her sleeps begin on me πŸ™‚

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