Hey friends! I’ve got a special guest on the blog today… my sweetheart hubby! We got dressed in some of our favorite fall pieces from Nordstrom last week and headed out to grab some macaroons at a new local spot…they were delish! I loooove dressing for fall and I’m not going to lie, I love a good fall outfit on a guy! This time of the year always reminds me of some of the very first times I saw Sid around campus at Utah State and thought he was a freaking babe, haha. Not much has changed since then 😉 Not only is Nordstrom my favorite place to shop, but I also love finding pieces for Sid there, too. These jeans are my new favs on him and I can’t help but totally crush on how handsome he looks in this casual look!  These shirts are great affordable basics and we LOVE the Nordstrom Men’s Shop brand because of the amazing fit + quality. We wanted to do something fun for today’s post and share 3 random (but sweeet) things we love about each other 🙂

From Destiny about Sid:

Sid is the funniest, wittiest, “quick on his feet” kind of guy. I love his “people person” personality. He makes friends wherever he goes and has the sweetest, most kind heart. I admire that about him & he has totally rubbed off on me to be a more outgoing, confident person.

He knows something about everything. Business, sports, podcasts, news… he always seems to know what’s going on! I love that he’s always wanting to learn more about EVERYTHING and always has something interesting or fun to chat about!

He loves me and our kids with everything in him. He makes us feel safe and loved every single day and we are so thankful for him. He is the calm to my ocd, crazy ways and is seriously my better half and best friend!

From Sid about Destiny:

Destiny is the best listener and person to talk to one on one. On our very first date that was the biggest thing that stood out to me (I lied, most gorgeous woman ever!) was how easy she was to talk to and how positive and uplifting she is. This has been the biggest blessing to our relationship – anyone who knows me knows I love to talk and Destiny is always there to listen, understand, give advice, joke, and laugh.

Destiny is the most caring and loving person I know. She always has cared about me and put my needs before hers. That is how it has always been and the day Truman was born it has only grown. She is the best mom of two and none of us ever doubt how much Mom loves us!

Destiny has multiple moods and one of my favorite is her quirky/funny mood. She is seriously really funny and has a great sense of humor. When we laugh, we laugh hard and I love the way she makes me feel every single day. She is truly the best and I’m one lucky man!

*Thanks to Nordstrom for partnering on this post!

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  1. UGH! You guys are the most gorgeous couple ever and the love you guys have for each other shines through so brightly! Love these type of posts 🙂