Striped Flare Top


Hey, hey babes!

Stripes + bell sleeves?! SOLD.

How cute is this top? I am obsessed with the fit + color and think it’s¬†absolutely perfect for the season. I love it tucked in with jeans, with a skirt, left untucked, etc. It comes in a few different colors + is just $58! Grab this top before it’s gone.. I think it’d make for the cutest top for Thanksgiving! PS did y’all catch my Thanksgiving table inspo post from last week (here)?!

Also, I wanted to share a little life update from the last week.

We are still getting settled in.. but not sure we’ll ever be completely “settled in” until we’re in our own home. It’s definitely different not having our own space, as we’re accustomed to it being just our little family. BUT it has been sooo much fun and a huge blessing that we are able to stay with family during this time. I am a very hands-on parent and am not used to having much help, other than Sid (like Tate has NEVER been babysat and Truman has been babysat by a sitter twice in his 3.5 years lol) so having grandparents around all the time is seriously so weird, but also SO nice (my babies deserve allll the extra loving- they’re the best!).

Especially since Sid has been traveling quite a bit (his travel won’t be as much after this week, thank heavens).¬†Since moving here, life has been go, go, go! Sid actually had a conference in downtown Las Vegas last week, so we finally got him home Friday. We had a fun weekend with some of my siblings in town, ate some good food, had dinner with my saucy grandma “Mami Elba”, had soooo much fun with the babies, & I ran my first half marathon! It was a goood weekend, indeed. Sid is gone to Houston this week, but gets home Friday and we are heading to Utah to spend the weekend with his family and we are SO excited. My in-laws are the best and love our babies SO much.

Transitions are tough, but we are thankful for amazing parents who lift us, support us, and love us!

Truman is adjusting to school so well, Tate is starting to stand up on EVERYTHING, we go to the park almost daily, my mom and I are loving tag teaming it for dinners :), & I am loving the home design process with my sweet husband. I am thankful for this little space of mine on the internet and for all of my sweet readers! I will be choosing a couple girls at random this week who follow and support me to send a little goodie box to in this month of “Thanks”, so stay tuned!

Love all you babes so much! XOXO


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