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As many of you may have seen via Instagram, my mama & I (and Truman of course) took a trip to San Francisco last week. I was sooo beyond excited when she first booked it, but then as the trip got closer and closer… I got more and more nervous about taking Truman with us. He is at such a crazy, active stage and I was super nervous about how he would do. My mom and I both agreed that we would just take everything slow and do what we could. We made sure to plan something at every stop we had for Truman to play and explore. He honestly did AMAZING & had a blast! He was so happy and content the whole time. It was so much fun to explore with him and watch him experience new things for the first time. 

I received TONS of suggestions on things to try and places to go and my mom had actually just been earlier in the year and had most of the things we did already planned out. We saw and experienced SO many fun things while we were there. We also ate some amazing food! I will list all of my favorite things we did/ate/saw below. Definitely let me know if you have any questions!! Also, I just have to give a shout out to my mama~ thank you so much for the amazing trip! I will never forget the laughs & memories we had. I love you!!!


Union Square: We stayed right in Union Square at Hotel Union Square. The location was so perfect and our hotel was great(I definitely recommend staying there)! The hotel was modern, beautiful, and clean. The staff was also very helpful! We enjoyed our stay and loved being so close to so many fun things. There were tons of shopping around us(Nordstrom is WOW here), plus some delicious places to grab food. Some favorites were: The Rotunda @ Neiman Marcus (their desserts were to die for and it’s absolutely gorgeous inside. A must go to.), Tad’s Steakhouse (best place to grab some yummy steak and a baked potato for $20! We went at midnight one night- whoops!), & Cafe Bellini on Powell street was a regular for us for some delicious breakfast! Oh and DEFINITELY go to Tratorria Contadina on Mason Street for to die for Italian! Seriously!



Big Bus Tour: Since we really wanted to get to see as much as we could of SF, we decided to purchase a 72 hour pass for the Big Bus Tour. & seriously, that was the best decision! They are the most crowded and busy bus for a reason. They do such a great job! We were able to learn so much about the city and were able to get from place to place with ease. Truman also enjoyed the ride around to each stop. It was the best way to travel around with Tru because we could leave the car seat behind and not have to lug it around. 


Fisherman’s Wharf: We really enjoyed this stop and were able to experience it at night. It was super busy and so much fun. We grabbed a bowl of chowder at Guardino’s and walked around. There are a ton of cute shops & street performers so entertainment was no problem. We also stopped by the wax museum and had some fun taking pics with a wax Johnny Depp & Robin Williams. It was a super fun area full of personality! (Ps- when Tru would get a little ansy, we would take a break over at Boudins bakery to watch the bakers make the bread through their incredible 30ft observation window. He was intrigued every time!…and so were we!). 


Ghirardelli Square: We actually walked from Fisherman’s Wharf to here. We of course got some chocolates here (the dark chocolate covered cherries & almonds were to die for! & of course their chocolate covered strawberries were amazing). We also stopped by elizabethW to stock up on some amazingggg lotions, bath stuff, & some other pampering things! My mom also grabbed us some other cute little things for our house and a darling book for Tru! It’s seriously such a cute store. My mom had gone earlier in the year and had brought me back some things and I was DYING to go and stock up. It definitely did not disappoint!

Pier 39: LOVED this stop. It was probably the most kid friendly stop and we all had a great time here! This stop was where the sea lions are. There’s hundreds of them just chilling on the docks. Truman loved watching them play wrestle and make their loud noises. We also got on the carousel and Tru was obsessed! It was the cutest little area for kids. We tried a place called Trish’s that has yummy donuts (thanks for the recommend, Danèe!) & hot chocolate. There were cute little candy stores and popcorn stands all around, so it was fun to grab a few treats and let Truman play! 



Sausalito: This was seriously one of my favorite stops. It was such a charming place! We were right by the water and the views were unreal. We had so much fun walking around and checking out the shops. We ate a yummy lunch at a place called Hamburgers- it’s like a tiny hole in the wall but we got to watch them make our burgers and they were soooo dang good. We picked up lunch and ate it by the water. After lunch we did a little shopping & then stopped for some ice cream. We stopped at Lappett’s ice cream & it did not disappoint. It was sooo yummy! Tru got the Cookie Monster ice cream and was in absolute heaven. I definitely recommend stopping by there! On the way to Sausilito we also stopped at Horseshoe Bay, which was gorgeous. It has the most amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge.


Golden Gate Bridge: We loved this stop! The bridge really is amazing. We enjoyed snapping some pictures here, but enjoyed watching tourists take pictures even more! Haha seriously so entertaining. We also walked along the bridge and it was such a cool and spectacular experience!


Haight Ashbury: This little place was full of character! There are tons of murals all around & some cute eclectic stores. We browsed around some cute vintage shops and shared some nachos at Street Taco on Haight St – go there!! It’s so yummy.

Alamo Square: This spot is most known for The Painted Ladies, which are in the opening credits of Full House! This area really is so charming. We also spent a while playing with Tru at the park up the hill from the Painted Ladies! It was the cutest park for kids and Truman had a blast there!


Palace of Fine Arts: GORGEOUS building with some pretty awesome history!

Chinatown: We planned on stopping here, but one day our bus took a detour and we were able to drive through Chinatown and it was the perfect way to get a quick glimpse of it all through the bus rooftop! 

There’s sooo many more stops and places we adventured to and experienced, but the above were my definite favs. We had the best time in San Francisco & my 24th birthday will definitely be one to be forever remembered! It’s such a charming city full of different areas that all have their own stories and vibes, which I loved. We were able to DO so much in just 4 days! I definitely recommend visiting. It was one of my fav trips yet! Thanks for reading, friends! XXO

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