Playroom Favorites With Nordstrom

Hey friends! I am SO excited for today’s post. As I was working on this post, I realized I had never shown this room before and that’s just crazy because we spend most of our days here! This is the kids’ playroom and it’s seriously my favorite. When we were looking at homes to buy, I knew one thing I HAD to have was a space for my kids to play and keep their toys. I like to keep their rooms tidy, so keeping toys all in one spot have been key for us. I know most of you are thinking… “A white couch in the playroom?!” BUT, it is a slipcover and it’s washable and so easy to keep clean. Trust me, we’ve had our fair share of cheetos incidents and our couch is juuuust fine;) When we had Tatum, I obsessed over this rug (it can be found online at Nordstrom) because I had heard so many great things about it and was ecstatic when I received it. I LOVE how big it is, it’s sooo soft and perfect for tummy/play time, and it’s washable (maaajor bonus and soo nice when spit up or a little accident happens)!! We also just recently added this fun, black beanbag I found online on Nordstrom for Tru and let me tell you, he is obsessed. He loves to cuddle up with it and read a book or watch a movie while laying on it, but his favorite thing is to wrestle daddy on it 🙂 And the best thing is that it is wipeable- the best thing ever!  I always love to switch up my pillows to add some change and I recently just added this one! I think the quote on it is just perfect for a family motto, “Be kind. Dream big. Laugh. Be silly. Say I love you.” This room is definitely our happy place and I absolutely love all of the memories we have made + will continue to make in this space. If you have any questions about where any items are from, I’d be happy to answer! Just leave me a comment here or on instagram. Thanks so much for reading and for taking the time to stop by! XX

*Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post! As always, I only share brands and products that I truly love + use!

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