NordicTrack Incline Trainer + iFit Duo

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Hi loves! My vacation is over (but just for a couple of days before we head to Utah) and I am SO happy to be home and to be able to run on my treadmill again. It is always so wonderful to be able to get away and visit with family, but it is always just as great to get back home and get back to the normal routine, especially when it comes to my workouts. Just because I was on vacation doesn’t mean I took a vacation from my workouts, though! In fact, it was quite refreshing running in the California weather (I’m sure some of you saw my snaps post workouts with my sisters!). I worked out every single day while out of town and was able to track all of my fitness with my iFit Duo (Isn’t it gorgeous?! I’m seriously #obsessed & it tracks all of my movement from sleep, to working out…it’s absolutely GENIUS!) and iFit App (read more about the app here). One thing I am extremely excited about is that I have saved a few of my favorite California beach runs and cannot wait to run them on my NordicTrack Incline trainer. With a simple touch of a button, I am able to see and run my favorite California routes in my workout room in Houston with the Google maps technology built in my treadmill. How cool is that?! It seriously has made working out a lot more consistent, fun, and exciting. But back to reality, the Houston heat and humidity has been almost unbearable at times which is why my NordicTrack treadmill has been priceless! I love planning out my runs for the week and it’s so amazing being able to keep track of everything in one spot (my iFit app & iFit subscription provides me with personalized, “smart fitness” to my home training routine) to keep working towards my goals. Normally, I will try and do cardio at least 4 times a week, alternating between interval training, incline training, & a mix of both. My NordicTrack is the industry leading treadmill with a 40% incline (the only treadmill on the market that goes that high!) and believe me, you feel the difference! As soon as I return home from Utah I promise I’m planning on filming some treadmill workouts to share since I get so many questions about my workout routine. I definitely do weight training and fitness classes that I will also be sharing about later this week, but I LOVE running/cardio and it is a big part of my fitness routine. Let me know if you have any questions at all about the NordicTrack treadmill, iFit Duo, or iFit subscription (more info here)! I’d would absolutely love to answer any that I can. Thanks so much for reading! XO


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  1. This amazes me! Technology has come so far, it’s unbelievable! And you—serious goals <3

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