My Sweet Sunshine Girl


Hi friends, it’s been awhile, but it is so good to be back! Today I want to share something that brings me an immense amount of  joy + happiness! My Tatum. Since I missed her 6 month update, I quickly wanted to share some of my favorite things about her right now:

She is SO alert! She is extremely aware and totally starting to understand what’s going on around her. She laughs and smiles when we joke and she just thinks her brother is the funniest!! She is also not afraid to tell him when she’s had enough…she can get her point across with a quick shove to the face. Truman thinks she is hilarious and at times loves to rile her up to make this happen.

Girlfriend loves to eat! Veggies, fruit, put it in front of her, she eats it! I’ve really noticed her wanting to eat real food more and more the last few weeks and we have had so much fun watching her try new things.

Her hair is growing soooo much! It’s so beautiful, dark, & shiny. I loooove her little bangs in the front so much and I am constantly allowing them to cover her sweet little forehead! We get so many compliments on her perfect tan skin + dark hair and are pretty obsessed with it. I mean, c’mon…what a lucky girl!

She is sitting up all by herself! Tatum can now sit up and play and she thinks it’s SO cool! She is also starting to scoot around and constantly has us in awe at how hard she tries to get to where she wants to get. She is a determined little thing! I can’t even believe I have a 6 month old.. where does the time go? Seriously!

She is a daddy’s girl and loves to try and get his attention all the time! Recently she has started fake coughing until he looks over and then she gives THE biggest grin.. ahh, melts our hearts!

With all that has gone on the last week, I am so incredibly thankful for this sweet sunshine girl + her big brother and for the sweet spirit they bring into our home. I couldn’t ask for sweeter, more special children! Sid and I literally stare at them while they sleep and sometimes really can’t believe they’re ours. Children truly are a gift from God. They make everything better, even through the darkest of times and are a great reminder that there really is so much good in this world. My babies make me want to be better, to try harder, to lead them by example.  I pray they will always be proud of me and know just how much I love them!

PS How cute is this outfit I picked up for Tatum from Nordstrom?! Shopping for the babes is so fun! I always browse the Nordstrom website and when looking for my children’s clothes, Tucker & Tate is one of my favorite go-to brands because of their high quality and affordable prices. Their clothing is soft, comfortable, washable and easy to wear and layer. Tru has been wearing their cute stuff forever & I absolutely love their baby girl picks just as much! I’ve linked some of my current favorites below! 


*Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!

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