My Nursing Stories + THIRDLOVE Launches Nursing Bra!

“Motherhood comes in all shapes. As much as we’d love a how-to manual on raising kids, we believe the real magic happens in the unscripted moments, when in between all the doing, you find the time and comfort to just be.” #BYMOMSFORMOMS – THIRDLOVE

Oh how I LOVE that quote by THIRDLOVE! Becoming a mom is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. It is also THE hardest thing that I have ever done. There is no how-to manual. There is no “right way” for every single baby. Raising tiny humans is a huge job, but one that I am so glad I am blessed to do. From right when you become pregnant, you give yourself fully to this little human. I know from the first day I found out I was pregnant with Truman, I completely changed. Everything was for him. Once he was born we instantly bonded and it was love at first sight. I remember nursing him for the first time and I just felt so at peace with the amazing bond we were creating together. My nursing journey started out rocky. I got mastitis right away and was trying to figure out supply issues, but I pressed on. One of the first suggestions that pops up when searching “mastitis” is to get in bed with your baby and try to nurse and rest as much as possible. So that is what we did. Fast forward 10 months- Truman had never had a bottle! He was exclusively nursed and I was SO proud of the hard work I went through to get us there. It was a struggle the entire time, but something that I worked hard at every day. At that time, I was not really working and only had Truman to take care of. When I had Tatum, my world was rocked. I never once thought that I wouldn’t be able to nurse as long as I did with Truman. Well, week two into two kids and I got super sick. I remember being in bed and at the end of the day suddenly realizing I hadn’t played with Truman once. This totally devastated me. How was I going to pull this off? Well, I ended up nursing and supplementing. And guess what? That was totally okay. THAT was what was going to work for us. We slowly supplemented more and more, but what mattered most was that my baby was fed + happy. With social media, I think you get pressured and feel the need to be perfect and do everything perfect. Every mom, every child, every situation is different. I know my children and I know what’s best for them. I am so thankful for both of my experiences. I will never take for granted the times I get to spend feeding my babies and I will always and forever cherish those amazing moments. Even now, I always try and make it a goal to be completely present while feeding Tatum. No phones, no tv, etc. I try and soak it all up because it really does go by so fast. I think it’s so important to just do you and focus on what works best for you and your family! Don’t compare yourself to others. I know I have connected with so many women who have children the same age as I do and it has been so amazing to root each other on, give & receive support, and all around connect with these amazing, strong moms.

I partnered with THIRDLOVE on this post, because as a mom who has nursed two babies, I was SO excited to learn about their new nursing bras and to of course share all about it with my fellow mamas! So let me tell you about their new line. First of all they were designed #FORMOMSBYMOMS … I mean who better to design a nursing bra?! Women who have actually gone through the nursing process and who know exactly what we need in a bra. The collection includes two bras: The 24/7 Classic Nursing Bra & the 24/7 Classic Underwire Nursing Bra. They are both made of super soft fabric, have easy open cups, front closure, and a smooth back (this helps smooth the silhouette). If you are also a mama, then I am sure you know how much your breasts change. From pregnancy to post nursing, this bra is perfect for it all. Let’s chat about the changes we go through:

  1. Pregnancy- I know my breast are the first things that change when I am pregnant. They definitely get larger and more tender. THIRDLOVE suggests a wireless bra during this time for a softer support as your body goes through various changes during pregnancy.
  2. Birth- Once your baby arrives, you produce milk within a few days. Your breasts will usually swell. I always always always get engorged the third day after giving birth. I know a lot of women actually love to not wear a bra during this time. This may be TMI, but I am usually so chapped and engorged and hate ANYTHING rubbing against me. So, I always love to use my nipple cream and have a nursing bra on to avoid anything else irritating me.
  3. Nursing + Back To Daily Life- A GOOD nursing bra is key during this time!! I always think it’s good to have two or three nursing bras to rotate through. Right before feedings, your breasts will feel full and large, and then will soften and feel smaller. So the THIRDLOVE nursing bra was designed to feel comfortable and supportive throughout the day and feedings. (I know I always kept nursing pads in my bra to try and avoid leaking through my bra and shirts!) The cups in this bra are easy to open which is essential (I’m sure all of you nursing mamas know that easy access to feeding is SO, so important… I know I’ve nursed everywhere! The car, while out to eat, church, you name it) I know I also went through my share of pumping and even donated milk with my first baby, so the easy open cups are realllly helpful with that, for sure!
  4. Post nursing- Once you are completely done nursing, I am sure that you will notice your breasts and ribcage are a different size than when you were lactating. I know it took me a bit after pregnancy + nursing with Truman to completely change sizes, so it is helpful to wear the nursing bra while your body changes. After that, it’s important to remeasure yourself and order a bra accordingly. We will probably be at this step soon and I am excited to order another bra (I have one already that I wore in between my pregnancies) from THIRDLOVE! They have a super easy way to measure at home for ordering online here.

I know many of my followers and readers have reached out about nursing, and I’m not going to lie- I feel like it’s a very personal thing. But although I do feel it’s an incredibly personal subject, I felt it important to share both of my journeys with you guys. I take my partnerships very seriously and I am confident that any of you expecting or nursing moms will love this bra! It is a top notch design, amazing quality, and sooo comfortable! I’d love to hear about your journeys! Did any of you have similar experiences to mine? As requested, we will also be sharing how we are introducing solids in the next couple of weeks. Thank you all so much for stopping by + for always being the best support system! XO

*Thanks to THIRDLOVE for partnering on this post!

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  1. OMG! These pictures are adorable. MELTS my HEART!!!! Love you article too. Also, thanks for making my shopping much easier!!!! Can’t wait to order:)

  2. I love this! I have twins and wanted to nurse them both exclusively, but it was a big struggle and I felt chained to my house and like all I did was feed babies all day. My daughter fell off the weight charts around 4 months so my doctor told me to supplement her and I felt the biggest weight lifted off my shoulders, so I started supplementing my son too and my life changed. I could leave the house, have my husband help feed, not be confined to my room if someone was over (I wanted them on the same schedule so I tandem fed which was very isolating). Different things work for different families, and I wish so badly that I wouldn’t have put so much pressure on myself to exclusively nurse. I think with my next baby I will be much more relaxed about it, if it works that’s great and if it doesn’t that will be okay too. And I’m making a mental note about these bras! Never found good ones the first time around. Sorry this was such a long story but I just really appreciated this post!

  3. Thanks for sharing your story! I’ve been blessed to have exclusively breastfeed my soon to be 3 month old daughter. However, I am returning to work soon so depending on how pumping works out, I might have to supplement as well. Any pump you would recommend? I tried to use the manual one the hospital gave me and it hurt so bad. Also, any nursing-friendly clothing you would recommend? You have the cutest style and I feel like I can’t wear any of my clothing anymore. Especially, most of my church dresses. 🙀

  4. Loved this post! Thank you for sharing! For the 1st week after my son was born, nursing was the most painful thing! Despite preparing for nursing weeks before I delivered with nipple cream, they were still SO extremely sensitive! No bleeding thank God! I think I cried every night for that 1st week. Exhaustion + painful nursing = a sad sad mummy lol. But exactly after that one week everything was perfectly normal! No pain whatsoever. I nursed exclusively for 3 months then had to go back to work part time. I had so much milk that I’d get engorged really soon after feeding him. It was pretty hard to find the time to pump at work and then I would just be dying to get home to feed him. What a relief! Like taking a wee wee! Lol! I eventually stopped nursing him at 8 months old and we went straight to formula and food! He has been a foodie ever since and I don’t regret a thing! Although, I miss nursing very much! That bond, their sweet cheeks working for that food!, and their little hands and when they look at you! Oh! The best thing in the world! I can’t wait to have another baby!

  5. Girl. I so feel you on this! I just had my 3rd Babe a few months ago and I only nurse him a couple of times a day. Sometimes only at night time. I have a 6 and 3 year old and we are just BUSY. And I just don’t have the luxury of sitting down for 20 minutes every 2 or 3 hours like I did in the past. This is a topic that upsets me at times because people tend to be so judgmental! Loved what you wrote. I love bottle feeding my little guy too and I think it’s neat that Daddy’s can feed and get that really sweet bonding time too.

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