My Current Self Tanning Routine

Hi babes! Recently I have gotten so many questions about my self tanning routine, so I wanted to share which products I love and am currently using. With summer right around the corner (& we’re heading to Mexico this week-woohoo!), I will definitely be using my self tanners to get that perfect summer glow! So here’s my current self tanning routine:

Step 1) Exfoliate & shave! Before I get in the shower, I use my dry brush (some of the benefits of dry brushing are: stimulates the lymph system, removes dead skin, improves circulation, & releases toxins! It’s pretty much amazing and I am completely obsessed.) I then use this shaving cream and shave!

Step 2) Moisturize and prep. Right after I get out of the shower, I make to moisturize my body. I alternate between different lotions and creams, but one that I swear by and have been using since high school is this. It is literally under $2, smells amazing, and keeps my skin glowy and smooth! After, I apply this daily glow moisturizer (I use this one daily to keep my tan fresh). I think it keeps my skin glowy and that way I always have a good base tan!

Step 3) Sometimes I will get a spray tan. This is harder for me to schedule with my two kids and it’s not always the most cost efficient. So, for days when I want to get a really good, dark color, I use a self tanner at home. I have been using self tanners since high school, so I have just about used them all. Some of my favorites are: Flawless Fake Bake, Jergens Natural Glow Mousse, and Tanceuticals Body + Face lotion is Ultra Dark! I do use this one on face and I love it! I like my face to match the rest of my body, especially since a lot of days I do go make-up free. Lately, the Tanceuticals has definitely been my most favorite. Here is what the Tanceuticals CC does for your skin:

1. Gives you a flawless, really dark sunless tan
2. Moisturizes and nourishes dry skin
3. Evens and smooths skin tone
4. Firms, tones and tightens
5. Protects against and repairs premature aging
6. No harmful ingredients like parabens, mineral oil or propylene glycol

I love that this self tanner is the perfect color, not orange, and doesn’t have that weird “self tanner smell”. I would most definitely wear the glove while applying this and make sure to get your knees, elbows, and ankles really good so the color is seamless. I totally recommend that you all need to give it a try, especially for the price. I can get so many tans out of the bottle for the same price as one spray tan, which is definitely a plus! Let me know if you have any more questions about my self tanning routine or if you’ve tried out this product. Thanks so much for reading, babes! XO

 * Thank you to Tanceuticals for partnering on this post! As always, I only partner with brands that I truly love and use!

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  1. Which self tanner do you reccomend for not rubbing off on items, especially white sheets 😬 I have yet to find one for that problem.

  2. I always wanted to self tan, but i’m scared it will look spotty and that i won’t apply it the right way. Any tips for applying?

  3. Question, do you normally just put one layer on? Or do you go back over everything for a second coat?

    1. Hi Ashley! I normally just put one layer on, but if I’m going on vacation or want a darker color, I’ll layer it with a second coat ☺️

  4. Hi – what foundation and makeup do you use then if your face is so dark? Do you have to keep switching up colors to match your changing shades? Thanks.

    1. My face doesn’t get very dark- I normally just put a bit of tanner on my face (not much)! The foundation I use is the este lauder double wear or it cosmetics cc cream. I have one that’s lighter and one that’s darker that I usually use when I’m more tan or during the summer!

  5. When using the self tanner, do you exfoliate/scrub it off it each time before you re-apply?

    1. It depends! If I’m splotchy or dry at all I most definitely will- sometimes I don’t feel the need but I do think a self tanner lasts longer on fresh, exfoliated skin!

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