My Boys

Sid and Tru share the most special bond and it makes me extremely happy watching my boys playing and carrying on together. You guys… I seriously melt at these pictures! I love how simple they are, yet they mean everything to me because it catches their daily fun times that I want to cherish forever. Truman absolutely adores his daddy! He talks about him all day long and there’s a celebration Every. Single. Day. (no joke) when he gets home from work. Truman’s face lights up and he immediately knows that it is time for play time with daddy! Truman’s personality reminds me SO much of Sid’s! He is seriously his little mini with their funny little quirks and even down to their cute gestures, and I couldn’t be happier about that. I love their relationship & I’m thankful for the bond that they share. I could honestly watch them play for hours and it makes me the happiest knowing these two are mine and that they can connect so much in something so simple as playing with Trus favorite toys.  Who knew a simple afternoon playing with our Blaze and the Monster Machines from Toys R’ US would make for the most perfect memories and photos to keep, cherish, and remember forever!? I am so thankful for a husband who always makes it a priority to spend good, quality, one on one time with our sweet boy. I’ll remember these days of monster trucks and tickle wars forever.
Thank you to Nickelodeon Toys R’ Us Blaze and the Monster Machines for partnering on this post!

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