Miss Tatum Olivia ~ 5 months Old + Our Baby + Toddler Favs From The #NSale

My little miss is 5 months old… time is truly a thief! I can not believe how much she has changed and grown. These last 5 months have been THE hardest + most amazing of my life. Balancing two babies and balancing work from home is no joke, but I truly am blessed with some amazing babies! Tate is just an absolute angel. And I am not just saying that. She is the sweetest, happiest, yummiest little thing. She is also SO patient. I think she kind of has to be with having a high energy big brother 😉 I love watching her study everything- she just learns and grows more and more every day and it’s all such an incredible miracle to me. Here are some new happenings for her + some things we are loving for baby + toddler from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale:

She LOVES Truman and thinks that he is the funniest thing in the world. He can make her laugh no matter what! I love how much she already adores him. He plays so sweetly with her and she just thinks he is the coolest person on the planet!

Speaking of playing, Tatum looooves to play! Whether it’s on her play mat or her jumper, or tummy time on her washable rug (currently on sale), the girl can play and play!

She is still a rockstar sleeper! We have had maybe one bad week and that’s it. It’s unreal! She sleeps through the night and wakes up SO happy. I love to hear her chatting and playing in her bassinet before I go to get her. AND THAT SMILE once she sees me- It makes my morning every day.

She still has that amazing tan skin (SO jealous!), dark hair, and brown eyes! (Could my kids be anymore opposites?! I love it!)

She eats like a champ (no, she does not exclusively nurse- we’ve had to supplement but for all my nursing mama readers, I’ll be sharing both of my nursing journeys next week along with an amazing nursing bra from ThirdLove!) & was just introduced to solids! We have the most amazing baby food maker, cookbook, and food storage- I want to share a post in the next couple of weeks about foods that we are introducing! Would you guys be interested in that? Let a sista know!

She is a little mover and shaker! We always joke that she already is practicing her dancing skills. She is rolling and rolling now- I’ll put her on her play mat and walk away for a sec and come back to her rolled completely off of it, ha!

She is teething and I can tell her teeth are riiiighttt there! She’s been handling it so well, but love putting everything in her mouth (my hands, her toes, her blankets, chews on her binky, etc) Poor little thing! I wish they would just pop through already!

Tate went on her second beach trip + her first annual trip to Newport Beach, California! She loved being held and played with 24/7.. and Nana may be in competition with Papa for the favorite position 🙂 She LOVED playing and talking to her Papa for the whole week!

Anyways, that’s a little about our Tate! I’m thankful to be her mommy. I’m thankful my Heavenly Father trusts me with two of his precious angels. No matter how hard some days may seem, I would not trade being a mama to Tru & Tate for anything! Do any of ya’ll have babies the same age?! I’d loveee to know all about your sweet babies, too so please feel free to share! Xo


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  1. She is so sweet! My son is just a few weeks younger than Tatum, and I am going to introduce him to solids soon, so I’d love to hear how you’ve handled that with her! He’s my first, so I have no idea what I’m doing!

  2. She’s the yummiest!! I can’t get over what a sweet calm happy spirit she has…I love love love her so much!!! Xo

  3. My daughter was born on Feb 13th! She’s my first so I really enjoy reading about your sweet girl (being so close in age!) and your advice on all things baby! I’d love to hear about your nursing/solid food journey. I love following your blog and just love mamas inspiring mamas!

  4. My little boy is 5 days younger than Tatum. I would love to know some recipes for baby food, he started solids a few weeks ago and I would love to know some more recipes. he is also not stop moving. His kicking game is out of control.

  5. Any tips on how you got her sleeping so well? My little girl is almost 3 months but still eats at night, I forgot how I got my son sleeping through the night.

  6. My son was born on feb 16 and I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter. I would love to hear about how you got Tatum sleeping so well. My son wakes up just once a night but my 2 1/2 year old is still in our bed. I would love to hear some tips on your nightly routine with your littles.
    Thank you!! Love your blog ❤️

  7. She’s so cute!

    I have an almost 4 month old little girl (my first baby) and she is a very sweet calm little girl, she’s been sleeping through the night since 6 weeks, but I’m having such a hard time with her naps.

    It’s a struggle to get her to sleep more than 30 minutes at a time. When did you get your kids on a nap schedule? I was hoping it would just fall into place but now I’m not sure what I should be doing. Maybe she’s still too young? I don’t know. Being a new mom is such a roller coaster!

  8. I love reading your blog, I am a first time mom and would love to hear your babies feeding journey. My son is a couple months younger so any advise would be appreciated! Both of your babies are gorgeous!

  9. Please share nursing/food info! 🙂 I have a baby girl born 3/30, so she’s just a few weeks younger!

  10. Love all your posts. Thank you for taking the time out your busy day to let us know about your babies and of course, you!

  11. Yes would love a post on the Beaba and your process of cooking and storing food!! And sleep tips are always appreciated 🙂

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