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Hello Summer Loves! I have spent a lot of time by the pool with my Vegas family this past week & it’s been glorious. I absolutely love relaxing by the pool and enjoying the beautiful weather. With that being said, I am suuuuper careful with my skin and being out in the sun. I always wear sunscreen when outside or by the pool and make sure to use a moisturizer with SPF every day. Before heading out to the pool, I wanted a little extra “glow” since my skin hasn’t seen the sun in a while and not to mention I did not want to be confused for Casper the Ghost in comparison to my naturally tan gorgeous sisters! Haha soooo…. I used my new Million Dollar Tan Complexion Protection that has an incredible 50 SPF with an all day protection that blocks 98% of harmful UV rays and then I applied my new Million Dollar Tan Mermaid Extreme Mousse & Face Mousse. It’s super foamy and easy to apply. Speaking of application… the mitts are  a m a z i n g ! They help smooth the mousse evenly and create a streak free glow. PLUS, they keep your hands orange free (#WINNING). After I applied my mousse and let it dry for a couple of minutes, I applied the All That Shimmers Dry Oil. It’s so bronzy & shimmery & makes your skin look like liquid gold. I only applied the mousse once and the outcome was fabulous! Okay, and one more thing about this product that has me obsessing a little obsessively, the packaging…WOW!  THE cutest ever!!!  I know most of us girls LOVE beautiful packaging and ladies, this one is to die for!  IN LOVE!!! I would definitely recommend this product & guess what?! YOU can (and should) try it too & receive 10% off the entire website by using the code xodestiny. Here’s to Million Dollar Tan Days by the pool this summer! XXOO

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  1. I agree there’s nothing better than relaxing by the pool. I especially love it w/my baby girl because it wears her out haha.

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