Let’s Talk Beauty: How I Grew Back My Lashes After Lash Extensions

How to grow your lashes back after lash extensions!


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Hi lovelies!! I know today’s post has been longgg awaited by some of you. So, let’s jump right into it. I have had lash extensions on and off for a few years. I love the ease of them and love the shape they give my eyes! Well, I dabbled with the idea of getting them put on before I had Tatum but went back and forth because I knew they would cause my natural lashes some damage. Well, I decided last minute to have them put on (like went in the morning I was set to be induced, haha!) but it was seriously the best decision for me!

Having a newborn is anything but easy, but add a busy toddler and you’ve reallllly got your hands full! I have always loved getting ready, putting on make-up, and just making myself feel good, but being sleep deprived and sooo busy you don’t get much time for yourself. My lashes helped me feel a little more put together and pretty on those days that I just couldn’t find the time to get completely ready.

Fast forward 7 months and I still had them because I loved them so much! I was starting to get annoyed with them + having to go every few weeks to have them refilled, so I decided it was time to take a break! My natural lashes were definitely damaged- they were stubby and thin and I was pretty sure it would be a longggg road to recovery. Well, I found a magic combo that I think truly works wonders! My lashes were back to long, healthy, and thick in just three weeks. I am SO happy with the results that I just had to share. Now, this is not sponsored at all. I bought these products on my own + researched and researched tons of reviews. I am obviously not a doctor so make sure to check with yours if you are pregnant or nursing!

How To Grow Your Lashes Back After Lash Extensions:

And now I give you the two products that work amazing together! I first ordered and started using this lash serum. It was a little pricey, but so is going to get a fill every few weeks so I bit the bullet and just ordered it. In just a week I could tell a noticeable difference in the length of my lashes. They were definitely longer, but still so thin and sad looking.

So I took to the internet and found this amazing stuff! I have always heard that castor oil could be used for lash/hair growth but this stuff really caught my eye because it was made specifically for hair growth. In the description it shares that it can be used to “grow long and lush lashes” + “hydrate & strengthen” and that is totally what I think my lashes needed! So every night I would apply my neuLash to my lash line and then would use the castor oil blend and I would repeat applying to my lash line + brushing through my lashes with a clean brush. My lashes are now sooo thick and long and I am seriously impressed with both of these products! I now only use the products once or twice a week to maintain, but it really only took about 3-4 weeks of consistent use to see a very noticeable difference!

Would I ever get lash extensions again? Probably. I will probably always get them before having more babies, just for the convenience of them. I really do love eyelash extensions and love the look of them. But if you are looking for a more affordable option for gorgeous, lush lashes- this combo is so good!

Also, just a note that this mascara is the one I’ve been using for top lashes! It’s ahhhmazing and affordable! I don’t love bottom mascara and like very little, so this mascara is great because it has a tiny comb that applies mascara to the bottom lashes perfectly. I hope this post was informative and helpful- Xo!

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  1. Love following you! Your real lashes look Amazing! Ive been doing lash extensions for The last year and im addicted! I can tell theyve made my real lashes weak so iM ready to quit….soon! I was going to go with lashboost but after reading this i might change…do you know How they compare? Im a little nervous putting these things so close to my eyes!! Did yOu exeperience any side effects?? Thanks!

  2. LASH BOOST!!! Lash boost by rodan and fields is uh-mazing!!! best results by far. reply to my comment if you would like to try.

  3. hi love! thank you soo much for this post! I have struggled with the same problem and can never quite bite the bullet in terms of regrowth serums because they’re so $$ and I’m never sure they will really work! For the neulash, did you start with the smaller size? If not and you thinks its best to just splurge on the bigger size please let me know! <3

    1. Hi laurel! Ah I totally agree with you- it’s hard to spend that much but honestly so worth it, especially a lot less than get extensions! I would start with the small bottle and just see how you like it- consistency is definitely key when you first start it! ☺️😘❤️

  4. Hi Destiny! I love Following you, You are so sweet and genuine – and not to mention beautiful!! You have great lashes, even without extentions, so I am excited to try this – thanks for sharing!! Immediately after I read your post, I bought both of the products you use LOL. Since you got the Castor oil from amazon, I just got both of them from there since the neulash was a bit cheaper on Amazon than on Nordstrom. Anyways, I tried them and the Neulash seemed to burn my eyelid near my lash line a bit. Is this normal? Did you experience this? Or did I get some scam Neulash from Amazon?!?! lol I hope not, but thought I’d ask…. Thank you!!

    1. Hi Erin! Thanks so much girl! Hmmmm, I always get a little nervous with ordering some products from amazon so that’s why I linked & brought from Nordstrom! I never have experienced any type of burning, but I am assuming that isn’t normal because I think burning means it would be irritating the skin 🙁

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