Lavender Floral-Lace Dress + Snapchat Q & A Answers!


Hey babes, happy Monday! This weekend was a good one over here at the Thompsy casa! We have a busy + suuuper exciting week planned this week, so today I’ll be busy hustling to get everything done 😉 I quickly wanted to share this gorgeous dress that would be perfect for Easter! I’m definitely bringing it with me to Cancun next month to wear to dinner one night! Anyways, onto the Snapchat Q & A! I promise I’ll do a real one soon where I answer the questions right away, but thought this mini one might be fun 🙂

Q: “How did you start blogging?” A: Okay, so I think this is a question I get the most emails and DM’s about and I really wish I had time to give advice to every single one of you (being a mama is my number one job and my babes keep me pretttty busy)! I am definitely not a pro and am still learning! Honestly, I had a great following that started while I was pregnant with Truman. I basically would post photos of my family and I and would receive so many questions about where I bought things from. I started being contacted by different companies to work together and thought, okay let’s try this blogging thing! Two years ago, as a new mom and newly graduated college students, we couldn’t afford to spend a lot on getting help building my site. SO, I did tons of research (there were lots of late nights) and I was able to figure it out! I would say to start with an affordable theme (I bought my first one on Etsy) and just post organically and naturally. Post what feels real + natural to YOU. Being authentic and true to yourself will be what sets you apart!

Q: “At what age did you start blogging?” A: Two years ago! So I was 23.

Q: “Do you have a diet and workout plan that works good for you?” A: I mostly eat healthy, but truly believe in everything in moderation. I start each morning with a protein shake and every other meal is different each day. I’m going to start trying to log my meals this week so that I can share exactly what I am doing. Since having the baby I haven’t been too strict until now, because I truly believe you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself and get all healed up first and foremost. I started back in the gym this week and really just focused on getting my body moving + listening to what feels good. I did Orangetheory before and during pregnancy, but am wanting to try some different workouts for now. This week I did 20 mins on the stair stepper each day and started lifting light weights. Running and going on walks has really felt so, so good to do again as well!

Q: “Any tips for controlling cravings?” A: Honestly I am more of a savory or salty kind of girl.  When I crave a burger, I eat a burger. I just will usually modify it (for example I’ll order it with no bun if I’m wanting to keep on the lighter side)! I don’t love sweets, but lately I’ve been loving Halo Top ice cream at night. SO yum! (I have like 6 flavors in my fridge right now..whoops!)

Q: “Where is your go to place to shop on a budget?” A: Asos! They have some darling, on trend items at very affordable prices. I always start there when looking for dresses, too!

Q: “Do you have veneers?” A: haha no! I always get asked this and have to laugh! I’ve actually never even had braces. When I was younger I had super straight teeth and the ortho said I didn’t need them. The last couple of years I’ve noticed my teeth shifting a bit, so I got Invisalign a few months ago and am halfway done with it! I’m super happy with the results so far, buuuut if you’ve noticed me talking a little funny recently that’s why! Especially when I put a new set in, it takes me a few days to get used to talking with, hah!

Q: “How do you remain having a great relationship with your family when you live in separate states?” A: We talk and facetime almost daily! We also never go more then 6 weeks without seeing each other. My mom and I take turns visiting one another, so that is also super helpful. We have all always been super close and each other’s biggest supporters. Since I’m the oldest sibling, I truly care for my siblings as if they were my own children. They mean everything to me!

Q: “How do you keep up with working and babies and working out and everything?” A: I promise I am not a pro at this (somedays I feel like I can barely keep up), BUT I have found that being on a schedule is sooo helpful and the only way to get anything done. I schedule everything. For example, last night my husband and I talked about what needs to get done today and I even scheduled a time for me to go to the gym early in the morning before he heads to work. I get everything cleaned up and ready at night. Before heading to bed, I’ll make sure everything is (for the most part) picked up, that the kid’s clothes are laid out and ready, and that the diaper bag is packed so that mornings are less stressful. I learned this all from my mama who is like legit “flylady” status, haha! I try to do little chores everyday during naps so that the house stays clean. I’m pretty OCD about keeping everything organized and clean, but the play room is always a mess & I kind of love that because it means fun was had. I have been planning on sharing a post about our typical morning routine if you all would be interested in that?! As for work, I’m still trying to find a schedule that works. Right now it’s kind of all over the place or getting posts written after the babies go to bed.

Q: “You come from a big family and beautiful one at that! How many children do you plan on having?” A: Thank you!!! That is so sweet. I love my big family and love being so close to my siblings. We plan on one more for sure, but will take it one baby at a time. My husband would love 4 kids! We definitely plan on waiting another 2 years before adding another 🙂

Q: “Will you ever move to Vegas?” A: Hopefully one day! Or at least closer to it maybe. I would love to live there and be closer to family. I am thankful that we have gotten to live in different states and right now I know Houston is where we are supposed to be 🙂

Q: “What do you use for your instagram pictures? Phone or camera? & what apps do you use for bright crisp photos?” A: Both! For my everyday little posts I use my iphone. I have a nice camera but am clueless on how to use it! My best friend Ailee is an amazing photographer and takes most of the photos for my blog! I love Afterlight for brightening, contrasting, & sharpening photos and will sometimes use vsco.

Q: “What nationality are you and your husband? Do you speak Spanish?” A: I’m half Mexican, Spanish, & white! My husband is Armenian and Swedish, so our kids are quite the mix! 🙂 I actually don’t speak very much, but can understand it (my grandma mostly speaks Spanish and my mom is fluent!) Sid actually speaks fluent Spanish because he served a two year LDS mission in Nicaragua, so we always joke about how he can communicate with my extended family better than me!

Q: “What’s your go-to dry shampoo?” A: Sauve professional Dry Shampoo. This one is my favorite! It’s inexpensive and is amazing! I have about 10 bottles of dry shampoo in my cabinet right now & this one is always my go-to.

Q: “What is something that you want your new followers to know about you?” A: My family is my everything and that being a mom is the most important job I will ever have, the things I share are truly what I love (& use), and that I always try to stay real & genuine with you all & I truly appreciate the support and love from my readers and followers every day.

Q: “Can we see an old pic of you with your natural hair? I can’t imagine you being anything but a blonde and it would be fun to see!” A: I was cracking up at this one. I had to dig through my Facebook and find photos circa 2006 because I’ve been blonde sine I was like 14, besides for half a year when I went over to the darkkkkkk side, haha! Never again, but here ya go 😉 (first pic I was like 10 & the other I was a senior in High School)

Thank you all for the fun Q & A and for reading + following along! It means the world! XOXO


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  1. Ohh my gooodness I loved this post 😂❤️👏🏻 You’re so amazing and make me one proud mama!! Do this more often!!!!!!

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