Instagram Round-Up & My Life Lately, Ha!

Happy Sunday evening, friends! I wanted to get a post up quick before our week gets a liiitttlleee crazy 😉 I’ve received quite a few messages, emails, and comments about where items are from that I have been posting so I linked everything on this post to make it easy on everyone that’s interested! This week has been a rollercoaster of emotions over here, but I think that’s pretty normal in the last week of pregnancy. I have had some days of seriously being so uncomfortable and anxious to meet our girl and it gets worse at night, for sure.  I think the fact that Truman came early and that I’ve had a zillion “I think it’s time moments” had me thinking we would meet her a little early. However, I am SO happy she is still cooking in there and getting nice & healthy. The past few days I’ve decided to make the most of it all! I have been enjoying some relaxing quality time with my sweet boys and parents who are here visiting with us. I think deleting my pregnancy apps and avoiding google about how to induce labor has helped get my mind off things a little more, too (haha)! Not sure drinking a castor oil milkshake or eating 9 pineapples was going to work anyways 😉  I’m off to get a good nights rest, but wanted to leave ya’ll with a couple of fun moments from this week! XO

Sid and I waited in line at 4 am to get Truman into our selected preschool for next year. I know it may sound crazy to some, but we had our mind set on one school in particular and we HAD to make it happen! We just have to crack up at how much life has changed and how we would really do anything for our kids. I was praying I wouldn’t go into labor that day just so we could get him signed up. It was a crazyyy morning and I even had to run to Tru’s pediatrician last minute because I totally spaced that I needed his immunization records to register him. Basically, I was an on-edge and emotional pregnant lady that whole morning running from the school to the doctors and then back to the school while Sid held our spot in line. Luckily, it all worked out and we got him a spot! It was a tearful celebration, to say the least haha. This coming fall will be his second year of Mother’s Day Out and we absolutely love it. Currently, he only goes a couple of times a week, but we truly think it’s so important! He has learned SO much and I absolutely love seeing how much he learns + how much fun he has!

We had brunch at The Waffle House.. have you guys been?! It’s delish. I pretty much ate my weight in chocolate chip waffles and I still have no regrets about it.

I took an extra longgg walk with Tru midweek and had such bad contractions that I had to call Sid to come and get us. Sid always says how tough I am and how impressed he is that I never complain about being pregnant, but I am sure he has changed his mind after this week 😉 I am determined to change his mind and convince him I’m a tough cookie during labor 🙂

My mom and I have kept busy with lots of shopping trips to Nordstrom, HomeGoods, Target… ya know, all the good places! We also made a quick stop into Bath and Body Works and I was SOOOO excited to see that they came out with the Tutti Dolci line again. Do any of you remember that line?! It was seriously my favorite. I stocked up on some of the body creams (they smell amazing), but was so sad to see they didn’t include the lip glosses! I remember stocking up on them back in the day when I found out they were discontinuing.

Truman has had a blast being spoiled by his nana & papa! They each literally brought an extra suitcase full of gifts for him, they are too much and he just adores them! He has been the sweetest and funniest little guy lately. He’s also been extra lovey and makes my days with his tender hugs and kisses whenever I need them. He is so excited about the “baby in mommy’s tummy” and my heart skips a beat thinking about the first time they will meet. I can’t wait to see this moment!

My baby brother got engaged in Iceland over the weekend… what a dream, right?! I am SO SO SO excited for them and can’t wait to gain another sister! Check out their dreamy engagement picture here!

This gray ribbed maternity dress is SUPER comfy and perfect for running errands!

A mirror snap from shopping this past week! I picked up some darling spring items and can’t wait until I can fit into normal clothes again haha! 😉

A simple and sophisticated white baby doll maternity top is pregnancy approved! It's so sweet and delicate just like pregnancy is!

A snap from over the weekend outside the Waffle House (YUM)! I love these two guys!

An amazingly comfortable maternity outfit to wear around the house or to go out and run errands!

This graphic tee is so cute and looks even better styled with a baby bump!

Starbucks & flower run for my best friend who just had her baby! & showing off my pretty push present.. seriously in LOVE!

The best maternity jeans and adorable maternity striped top! Casual, comfy and classic maternity wear!

My mama has been here for a little over a week now! We have had so much fun with her and it’s been so nice to have an extra set of hands to get things ready for the babe!

Downtown Houston for the Super Bowl festivities! We had so much fun and spotted a few celebs.

Spending the day with my hubs and wearing this adorable floral maternity dress!

Me & my handsome guy in Downtown Houston!

My FAVORITE wedges! These are so comfortable and I could wear them all day!

My FAVORITE wedges! I have them in a few colors + styles! I also linked a pair that are under $60 here

Piada date with my mama after an appointment to check on baby girl! It is a must try. OH, and don’t skip out on the Cannoli Chips (SO YUM)!

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