Instagram Round-Up: June

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Saturday morning workout with my sissys! All of our tops are from Lululemon.

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My PJ’s here

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    1. Nope! We live in Houston, TX. I’ve just been here the last week visiting! I’m originally from Las Vegas 😊

  1. I love your posts! I am a mum to a 3 month old little princess and just love to see your cute little family! I’m also loving your cute casual outfits – I’m heading out to buy some pretty sandals to wear with jeans and tshirts today – perfect for busy days with the baby!

    Youre doing a great job with your little man

    Rach x

  2. Just recently noticed you got your hair redone and colored. Just wondering what color blonde did your stylist use and what techniques? .. Was it highlights or full head dye? I LOVE the color!

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