Honey DIY – Gold Shelves


I’m super excited to be sharing my first “Honey DIY” post! My husband and I will be sharing some fun projects that we have worked on together in hopes of giving you some fun DIY ideas. We have received many requests to share the details on our shelves so here it goes 🙂 

 When we first moved to Texas, I knew I wanted to change up my decor a bit. Knowing that where we are living at now is just a one year temporary home, we weren’t wanting to spend a lot of money. These shelves were on my list of must-haves after seeing them all over Pinterest! I’m obsessed with the gold color + they look SO nice and are such a statement piece for such an affordable price. All that is needed to achieve this look is the VITTSJÖ shelf from ikea & gold spray paint! We bought two of these shelf units and used three cans of spray paint on each of them. 

Now came the decorating part… I was convinced that I needed to go out and buy all new things to decorate my new, pretty, gold shelves with. My mom, who is AMAZING at all things design, was in town and totally styled my shelves for under $20 & mostly using things that I already had! I was amazed watching her put it all together. We used some of my pretty serveware, a couple of ikea plants, picture frames, books, Chatbooks (use code dthom607 to get your first book free when you subscribe), vases, a special Shinola watch box that Sid received when he got his new job, the poem my husband wrote when he proposed framed, a yummy candle, a few HomeGoods knick knacks, & called it good! 

I absolutely love how they turned out! I love that I can change it up and switch things in and out to create different looks. The best part about it was that I didn’t have to spend a lot at all to create two beautiful statement pieces for our temporary home. I hope this post was helpful in showing that you can totally use things you already have, mixed in with some new things, to make your space perfect! 

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