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Hey friends! Today I wanted to share a few ways we keep a healthy + active lifestyle! Now, I will say I have always had a love and passion for health and fitness. I was a college cheerleader and absolutely LOVED waking up each morning for practice. Since then, I have grown a huge love and passion for working out + being active. Orangtheory has been one of my favorite workouts. No matter what it is, I love to try different activities or workouts. I enjoy taking care of my body and I treasure the strong, powerful body it is even more after having my two children. It makes me feel empowered and driven to keep it healthy by working out + nourished with the right foods.  My husband shares this same passion and I wanted to quickly list a few things we do every day to keep our healthy lifestyle. 

  1. We always support each other! My husband is the best and supports whatever I’m into at the time- sometimes it’s running, then I’ll join a gym, at times I’ll do my own thing at home, but I’ve been doing Orangetheory for a while now! Sid sticks to the gym. I support him by not complaining about him not coming straight home after work  on those days 😉 haha! I also always keep his gym clothes updated, thanks to Nordstrom. I love Nordstrom’s generous Nike selection, especially for the guys!! How handsome does he look in this little get up?! I die!
  2. We plan out our week and share a schedule! I almost always work out early in the morning before the kids wake up. Sid will do the morning routine with the kids while he’s getting ready for work (if they wake up earlier that day). Some days Sid will have an early meeting, but if we plan it out, I will schedule my workout for later that day. This keeps us accountable and helps with communication. Communication is a must!
  3. We make being active a lifestyle. We’ll go on family walks, do ab workouts at night together, and most recently bought a punching bag! We love to go to the garage at night when the kiddos are asleep and turn on music to workout together with the punching bag. Believe me, it helps so much on getting your aggressions out and is such a fun workout to do together! We end up laughing (mostly him at me, ha). It seriously helps you unwind from the tensions of the day. We also love to cook together! We’re not that great, but we do love to follow healthy recipes and always have fun doing so.
  4. We make goals. We’re both super goal oriented and love to help each other reach those goals. Supporting one another and helping each other is key. We are on the same page with most things in our life. We are best friends and I love seeing Sid be successful in all things and know he feels the same about me!

How do you stick to your health + fitness goals? Do you work with a spouse, friend, family member to help you stick to your goals? Find what works best for YOU and stick to it, but never ever beat  yourself up about falling short at times.  Today is always a good day to revamp and start up on YOUR fitness and healthy lifestyle!

*Thanks to Nordstrom for partnering on this post!

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