Hair Shots

July 27, 2015


I am a total product junkie & absolutely love to try out new products! I was delighted to be able to try out Hair Shots and guys, guess what?! I absolutely LOVED them! So I’m guessing you’re wondering.. “What are hair shots?!” Hair Shots were created by a woman named Amy Lance who was inspired to create something in which would keep hair smelling good & fresh! Hair Shots are perfume fragrances which are heat activated. This means that as you are active, the scent intensifies. Ummm, hello #GENIUS !!! I am always on the look out for products that keep my hair fresh and clean feeling AND smelling delightful. Not only am I very active, but I also live in Houston where it is hot and suuuuper humid. I’ve tested these out for two weeks now because I really wanted to give my honest opinion on them and see how they worked for me and they are now officially on my list of must-haves! 

Hair Shots come in 9 amazing scents. My personal favorites are cotton candy & coconut mango- they smell SO divine! I also love that I can choose a scent to match my mood. If I’m not feeling fruity or sweet, something like Bamboo or Asian Green are a nice change. After getting out of the shower, I spray in my normal leave in conditioners + three sprays of a Hair Shots scent and then let it air dry. I also spray a few times on my dry hair before the gym or going out. I was so impressed with how well these babies work! The scents are so yummy- not overwhelming, but strong enough to give your locks a fresh delightful scent. Hair Shots are now definitely a staple in my beauty cabinet/gym bag and I’m so extremely happy I was able to test it out and share the great news with you! This product is growing popularity fast and has been featured in many of my favorite magazines like: SHAPE, US WEEKLY, & FITNESS ! I highly recommend that you try this product out, so that you can have delicious smelling hair all the time too! Cheers to Head Shots and amazing smelling hair!! Xoxo