Detailed White Blouse 


Oh hey Monday! We had the best weekend celebrating our Tru babe! We celebrated all day Saturday and I think it caught up to me because I wasn’t feeling so hot Sunday, haha! Anyways, we have such a busy week. I have lots of work to do and finish before we leave town Saturday! My mother-in-law leaves tomorrow and I’m already so sad about it. Truman just adores her and has had the best time with her. We feel pretty lucky to have the best parents on both sides who are also the best grandparents to our babies. Another highlight from this weekend was finally getting to go on a date night with Mr. Thompson. We went birthday shopping for Tru for a few last minute things at Target and saw 47 Meters Down.. it’s safe to say my anxiety was on an all time high, haha! I used to LOVE scary movies, but now I can’t handle them. I’m glad I was able to squeeze my honey’s hand the whole time. It’s always a good time when I get some one on one time with him. It was a great reminder that we need to start getting a babysitter once in awhile and go on some more dates just us two! What are some of your favorite date nights? XO


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