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First of all, excuse my massive, swollen hand in these pictures. I get the worst allergic reactions to mosquito bites here in Houston and seriously swell up SO bad… It’s awful! Second of all, we’re home! We got home earllllly morning Monday. It’s so nice to be home, even if it’s only for the week. I absolutely love Thanksgiving week. I love the reminder it brings us to count our blessings and give thanks to all that we are blessed with. I know I’m feeling extra grateful this year for so many things- my sweet husband and darling baby, my loving and supportive parents and in-laws, our new home, my baby brother safely returning from his mission, my Father in heaven who blesses my life daily, and so much more. I love this time of the year and the reminder it brings to sloooow down and be thankful for all that we’ve been blessed with. 

Anddddd now onto this dress! I’m always on the hunt for modest dresses. I wear them every Sunday and love getting dressed up and ready for church. My first post on this blog was actually a Dainty Jewell’s dress! I absolutely love this sweater dress. It’s sooo comfy… like makes you feel like you’re still in pjs kind of comfy! I love the length and loose fit of the dress that’s perfect for chasing my little guy around. I’m also so impressed with the quality of their dresses. They are made with amazing (and gorgeous) fabrics and each one that I own is so beautiful and unique. Dainty Jewell’s has a ton of beautiful dresses that would be perfect for the upcoming holidays so definitely go and check them out! I’m excited to relax with my boys this week and spend time as a family and just enjoy one another. I hope you are all having a wonderful week and enjoying time with loved ones! Love to you all~Xoxo 

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  1. Hi Destiny!

    I love reading your posts, and I always notice your amazing decor in the background. Would you ever consider doing something like a house tour, and linking where you got all your fabulous decor from? That is something I would love to see!

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