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Working out and being active has always been so important to me. I am a naturally small girl, but I love to be active and push myself to be healthy and strong. I have been slacking the last couple of months because of our move and traveling and what not, so I decided to give myself some motivation… new workout clothes! For some reason I always seem to work out a little harder when I have a cute workout outfit on. Who else is with me?! I am constantly changing up my workouts and I am always on the hunt for versatile, comfortable, and cute (duh) workout clothes. Bandier has some AMAZING workout clothes that are not only stylish, but made extremely well! I’m absolutely digging this “crazy sexy cool” t-shirt and these capri workout pants are absolutely divineeee! They are made with super-soft, breathable, quick-dry fabric and have a mid-rise waist to perfectly keep ya in place? I picked out this and some other fun must-have items that I will be sharing with you guys in the very near future! But seriously… I can’t get enough of this outfit aaaand you just might see me wearing it out and about just for fun. But it’s not just about looking good, it’s about feeling good, too! I’ve gotten some emails, comments, and plenty of questions asking me about my exercise routine and diet and how I lost the baby weight and what not, so I promise I will be filling you in here soon! If you have any particular questions or requests, just let me know! With the end of my new home’s construction renovation coming to an end (yay), I plan on getting this booty back in gear! I have the crazy and maybe some of the cool, so alllll I’m missing is the sexy! Haha, but seriously! For now, I’m off to my workout of playing the construction foreman and sweating out some of the one too many recent take out meals by chasing my cute babe around! Until next time…xOXo!!   

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  1. You look amazing!! I would LOVE to know your diet and exercise routine, I tried to search for a post about it and couldn’t find one. Thanks for inspiring and motivating women to stay healthy and fit! You are

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