Booties, Booties, Booties, Booties, Rockin’ Everywhere


Okay guys, I have a confession… I am bootie OBSESSED lately. There are SO many cute ones out right now… I ordered a few more pairs today #whoops. I did my homework and linked ALLLL of my top pics above so definitely check them out! Most of the booties I linked above are $100 and under like these (I’ve been wearing on repeat lately) & these (very similar) aaand guess what?! Some are even $50 & under like these brown ones that you may have seen me wearing on the regular last year! They are sooo comfortable and were one of my favs last year and the same pair are BACK IN STOCK! I also have them in black. I am not kidding when I say RUN and don’t walk because they sold out SO fast last year. SO yeah, let’s all get our bootie bootie bootie game on strong and get to shoppin’! What are some of your fav booties this season?! I would LOVE to know! Xo

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