Black Flares 

*PHOTOS BY @emp3te 


Sooo, yesterday I officially shared our big news: We bought a home in Texas!! We are so excited to make this place our new home. Since being married, we have moved around quite a bit. Now that Truman is here and is getting older, I have been longing to be able to set some roots for us. Moving is always hard. We moved to Houston not knowing anyone and of course it was scary, but we totally believe in stepping outside of our comfort zone to chase our dreams! Houston totally feels like home to us now and we love it so much. Our new home is just dreamy & so perfect for us! We are ready to pull up our sleeves and get dirty as we plan on doing some work to the home to make it OUR home! We have a longggg month ahead of us as we gave ourselves a 30 day move in challenge to do as much as we can in just t h i r t y d a y s. We may have set ourselves up to fail, BUT we are definitely up for the challenge and will strive to get it done! You can catch some behind the seen glimpses via snapchat: destinythompson . I can’t wait to share the finished product!

We’ll keep the outfit talk short & sweet today… BUT ladies, you NEEEED these jeans. AND this blouse! Seriously. I absolutely love flares because they make my shorter 5″3 frame look long and lean! What girl wouldn’t want that, #amiright ?! I also love that these are different from the typical flares, because they are black with a hint of distress and it gets better…they are at a killer price. I am still trying to figure out just how long I want to shorten them, but you get the jist! This top also comes in 5 colors & is under $50! ( #BONUS ) You guys probably know I loveeee my slouchy big tops, but I feel this one is still very feminine and the longer back gives it countless possibilities. It’s absolutely perfect for layering, tucking in, alone.. It’s extremely versatile. Okay, now I’m off to pack up some more stuff!
Muah~ Xx

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