Beauty Products I’m Loving Right Now


I recently made a few online orders and visits to Ulta to stock up on some favorite products and to also try some new products. With being a blogger, I am always on the hunt for new products to try and share about with ya’ll (or at least that is the excuse I give my husband…whoops!) Of course there are some holy grail items that I can’t live without, so I’m going to share some of those below as well!

As most of you have seen, I was able to curate a kit with TULA recently called the Jet Set Kit! I am so excited about this kit, and I am especially excited to be able to keep my skincare game strong through all my summer travels! Use the code “DESTINY20” for 20% off + free shipping on the whole TULA site!


Ok, I feel like it’s only right to chat about  this item  next because it is AMAZING! I have been holding back on buying this for so long because I really do love this concealer that I’ve used for years, but I am SO glad I tried this. It’s that perfect concealer coverage and I love how it has been making my make-up look so bright! definitely try it. I had to order mine online because it is always sold out.. for good reason!


This item was actually sent to me to test out and it’s safe to say that I’m obsessed. This little device is said to be a miracle worker! It gently stimulates the skin to improve the appearance of your skin. It basically gives a 5 minute facial lift to target jowls, jawline, cheeks, eyebrows, and forehead. Ya’ll already know I LOVE my clarisonic and PMD, and now add this to my favorites for skin care devices!


This Glazen Eye Gloss by Butter London is just gorgeoussss in the summertime! I really love a natural, dewy look in the summer and don’t love to use eyeshadow most days (on weekends I like to get a bit more ready, but during the week I love a natural look). I do have lash extensions, so that cuts my make-up time in half. I quickly sweep a little layer of this shimmery goodness on my lid and it makes for such a pretty look. I chose the color “Icing” and think it’s the perfect cool, sparkly color.


I know I’ve talked about how obsessed I am with sunscreen and protecting my skin and I just looove trying new sunscreen products. This combo is just the best! I use the whipped sunscreen under my make-up or just this on my no make-up days. I love the consistency of it! I use the powder for midday touchups, which is so important because you really are supposed to reapply sunscreen throughout the day! I always wondered how to do this without messing up my make-up! I also grabbed this which is 50 SPF and is actually matte. They are both awesome!


I have been using this foundation for over a year now and still love it! It’s definitely one that I just repurchased! It’s great coverage and I love that my skin still shows through.


I LOVE these! I’m sure you’ve seen me post about hitting the gym most days of the week, so I have to try and “save” my hair as much as possible. I rely on dry shampoo a ton and also these pony holders. They hold my thick hair, without leaving any damage or creases! This helps keep my curls throughout the week and helps in saving time from having to wash my hair every single day!


This is my new favorite eyeshadow palette! I’ve been using it on the weekends & for time I really want to get ready! It has tons of flattering, gorgeous colors!


This tanning product has been on repeat to keep a good, summer glow! You better believe I’ll be using it before we head to Newport this weekend!

What are some beauty products you’re loving right now?! XOXO


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  1. Hi Destiny! Do you prefer Fake Bake Flawless over Tanceuticals and what are the differences? Also, do you use anything on your lashes to make them longer and fuller? They are gorgeous!!

    1. Hi girl! I love them both! When I want a darker tan I definitely prefer the FakeBake tanner! And I have lash extensions! I got them when I had Tatum to save time on getting ready 🙈😬

  2. Will you post somewhere your workout clothes from your Instagram stories today? You always look the cutest!!

  3. Great post. Excited to try a few things you posted. I’ve had lash extensions for 3 months now. Love them so much but find it hard to take eye makeup off. Any tricks you could share? Thanks!!!

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