Beach Time With Simple Sarongs

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It’s hard to believe that we have already been home for nearly a week! California was such a dream. We were able to play, run around, and relax at the beach, and let me tell you, having a toddler made it SO much more fun for me! Truman was seriously in heaven. He woke up every morning running to the window saying, “beach, beach, beach mama!” He could not get enough and would stay all day + night if we let him. He just ran around, splashed in the ocean, & built sand castles all day.

With that being said, my gorgeous sarong from Simple Sarongs was a lifesaver. When they reached out to me to try their sarongs, I was SO excited! Especially after reading a little about their company and how they came about. I love that they were created by a mom, while keeping moms (& everyone, really) in mind (read more about their company here). It was soo nice to be able to use both hands without worrying about my sarong falling off. This day at the beach was a little bit chilly, so having the sarong also gave me some extra coverage to keep warm.

All you fellow mamas know that going to the beach is no real vacation anymore. I was constantly running back to the sand, then back to the water, & then walking around to get some treats or a quick bite to eat. My sarong made it easy to stay covered up or simply dry off the entire day. Simple Sarongs are the only buttonable and absorbent swimsuit cover-up sarong that fits most sizes currently on the market. They’re kind of like an amazing + stylish wearable towel. & I LOVE that it has a dual purpose! They are custom woven to a perfect softness & weight, making it work as a plush towel AND a pretty sarong. The fabric is seriously amazing- not too thick and not too thin. I highly recommend them & can’t wait to wear my other pretty white sarong (hoping to head to the beach on Saturday with my boys, if the weather permits 🙂 I love this company and their product so much that I am teaming up with them to giveaway 3 beautiful sarongs! Head to my instagram (@DTHOMPSY) to enter to win. You can also use the discount code “Destiny” for 25% off. Thanks so much for reading, loves! XO


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*A big thanks to Simple Sarongs for sponsoring this post!

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