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Happy holidays from our little family! ❤️ #thethompsys | : @snapshotsandmythoughts

Hello, loves! I’m Destiny, wife to my sweetheart, Sid, & mama to our amazing son, Truman. My family is my everything and I am so eternally grateful for them! I am 24 years old, originally from Las Vegas, NV and currently living in Houston, TX (we are loving our new city!) I attended + cheered at Utah State University, where I met and married my husband.  We are nearing our 5 year anniversary this year! I am a lover of all things beauty, fashion, fitness, home, & family and a promoter of all things good~ for the mind, body, & spirit. I created TrulyDestiny.com in March 2015 to document and share all things that I truly love and am passionate about in hopes to help inspire others. I am grateful for the time you have taken to visit my site & invite you to follow along!

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