5 Things You Should Do For Yourself!

My New York City look in this gorgeous black dress with lace detail and statement booties!


Hey babes! Today I want to share this outfit that I wore while in NYC. This look was one of my favorites. I received SO many compliments while out and about. I have to be honest and say that I was a littttle unsure about these booties at first. I love to try new trends and am usually not one to shy away from fun new styles to try so this was totally unlike me to almost shy away from these booties. I KNEW they were amazing, BAD- A, and that they would make a STATEMENT. So, I pushed those doubts and insecurities about “standing out too much” to the side and totally rocked the booties and will definitely be rocking them all season long. This got me thinking.. how many of us shy away from doing something or wearing something because we are nervous, afraid, or scared of what others might think? This is something I’m proud to say that I have gotten over in the last few years. I’ve always loved fashion, and beauty, and trying new things, and have since I was young. Of course there have been girls who have tried to make fun or bring me down since then, but I’m so glad I never let them affect me. Now, I’m able to do something that I LOVE every day while helping to provide for my family while still taking care of my babies. I love putting together looks and having so many of you send me photos of you wearing items you found from my site, or hearing stories about how you wore a dress you saw me wear to an event and felt like a total beauty queen. That totally motivates me even more! Push aside doubts. Whether in something as small as deciding what to wear everyday or as big as following a dream you’ve always had. Now I’m kind of rambling, buuuuut I just want to encourage you all to try something different or new! If you have been wanting to try something, but are too afraid or intimidated, put those feelings aside and just go for it! Give it 100% and do it with complete confidence and I promise you will feel SO empowered. I want to share 5 things that I do for myself regularly to keep me happy, motivated, and confident and gives me the fire to get after and conquer each and every day:

  1. Put the phone down early. THIS has made a huge difference for me. Once I climb in bed, I do not open my phone. Instead, I will read or do my guided meditations. This gives me a time to completely disconnect, relax, and do something that makes me happy and brings me overall health of mind and spirit.
  2. Wake up before your kids! I’ll be sharing a more detailed post about this soon, but seriously try it! I hate waking up right when my kids do. It leaves me feeling a little grouchy, rushed, disorganized, etc. Instead, I usually will go to the gym (and yes at times I have to go super early) and come home and start breakfast, clean up, and lay out outfits for the kids. That way I did something for myself in the morning and my kids wake up to a happy, more relaxed (and energized) mama!
  3. Get ready! Seriously. You’ll feel more confident and motivated to take on the day. I will say, some days I don’t get completely ready since I am at home with the kids, but I will always brush my hair, wash my face, maybe put on a hat, and just get cleaned up so I feel fresh! I’ve honestly gotten to the point where I don’t get ready for anyone else but myself. I know it makes me feel good and if I feel good, I am so much more productive and confident.
  4. Pray and read scriptures. This has been something I have really tried harder to incorporate into my daily routine, day and night. It is what helps me more than anything else. Connecting with my Heavenly Father and creating a more personal relationship with Him truly helps me in every way. I feel stronger, happier, inspired, and loved and therefore helps me keep an eternal perspective and I am able to serve my family better and that brings so much joy in our home!
  5. Do something for yourself at least once a week. Whether it’s grabbing your favorite Starbucks drink, getting in a good workout, going out for a mani/pedi, requesting an hour of “mommy time” (mine usually consists of a hot shower + reading for a bit). Taking this time for yourself will help you relax + refocus and ready to tackle those tough little moments! 

It’s a new week, so try something new, wear something fun, and DO something that makes you happy~ YOU deserve it! XOXO


My New York City look in this gorgeous black dress with lace detail and statement booties!

This black Givenchy bag was the perfect match for my city look!

My New York City look in this gorgeous black dress with lace detail and statement booties!

My New York City look in this gorgeous black dress with lace detail and statement booties!

My New York City look in this gorgeous black dress with lace detail and statement booties!

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  1. Destiny,
    I just want to take a minute to say how much I enjoy your posts! I follow a lot of bloggers on Instagram but your blog is the only one I find interesting to actually go to and read. I love your HONESTY, TRANSPARENCY and integrity. I’m also SUPER ecstatic that we are the exact same height! IT TOTALLY makes me click on every cute outfit of yours because there’s a chance that an outfit you’re wearing might also fit well on me! Anyway, you’re awesome! Thanks for your posts!

  2. You totally rock those booties! So cute! I’m such a minimalist mama because I’m scared to try new things. You’re making me want to dig into my closet and find that tight dress I haven’t worn since before my baby! I’ll let you know how it goes!

  3. Thank you so much for this post! Im a military wife With a one year old and a ten week old 😳 My hubby had to leave us for a fEw months and i just want to feel good and Nail this whole mama thing! Your words have motivated me and i cant wait to start doing life! I just went shopping and purchased fun tops that are out of my eleMent… been second guessing myself for yearS! I think its about time to be strong for me and my girls!

  4. Simple buy true! Thank you thank you, thank you for thOse 5 pointers aKa reminders! Coming fRom a stay at home mom of two. Love when i can relate to someone so fabuloSLy wonderful as yourSelf 🙂

  5. This is a great post! I am always insecure about standing out too much and i am trying to overcome that fear and just Be me. this post is really encouraGing. The 5 tips are also great and i absoluTEly love your outfit!!

  6. destiny – i’ve recently found your instagram and your blog, and i just adore it and you! Your kind spirit shines through in every post – i think some fashion/beauty blogs can come across as materialistic and/or shallow, and it’s so refreshing to find a blogger who is genuine. keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Diana! Seriously your comment means so much. Thank you so much for your sweet words + for following along! That means a lot! XOXO

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